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A~plus Environmental


Recycling &

Rubbish Removal

Thursday 4/4/24 - We are enclosed due to snow. We will do a double pickup next week.​​

A~plus  is a family-owned, local, recycling and rubbish removal business based in Waldoboro, Maine.  We offer residential and commercial pickup on a weekly or occasional basis. We currently offer service in Waldoboro, Friendship, and parts of Damariscotta and Nobleboro, Maine.

A~plus strongly encourages recycling.  Although it takes us more time to sort and distribute at the Transfer Station, it is the right thing to do. Non-recycling customers may be charged an extra fee as the Waldoboro Transfer Station has a strict policy for recycling. All rubbish brought there by commercial haulers must be accompanied by 18% (of the overall weight) of recyclables. If this ratio is not obtained, I have to pay a fee, which would have to be eventually passed on to my non-recycling customers.  So far, I have been lucky, and my customers recycle enough to get me through most months. 


The hardest thing is trying to get a non-recycling customer to change their ways.  Even just recycling cardboard makes a difference.  Add that to a few milk jugs and a couple cans and you're on the road to recycling!

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$8 per week for pickup.  This includes up to 5 white household kitchen bags of trash per week plus average household recycling.* More bags, no problem. Just add $1.50 per additional bag. If you prefer to use larger or smaller bags, just estimate kitchen bags by volume.

You may place your recycling into whatever container you like, as long as they are easily identified as recyclables and sorted into 4 categories (tin and glass, mixed paper and news paper, . Some people use Hannaford bags, or their recycling bins. If you choose to put out your bins, I will leave them for you to reuse.

We offer monthly billing by mail or email billing. If you choose email, you have the option to pay by sending a check, electronic check, credit card, or debit card.

* Non-recycling households may be subject to a non-recycling fee should A~plus incur monthly charges from the Transfer Station due to not meeting recycling standards. A warning would be given before any fees were levied.



Pricing subject to transportation and labor charge (If pricing is not on this list, please call for a quote).

Appliance (without refrigerant) - each

Appliance (with refrigerant) - each

Car battery - each

Hot water tank - each

Mattress, box spring, couch (not pullout), etc. - each

Pullout couch - each

Tires, car (no rims allowed) - each

Tires, truck (no rims allowed) - each

TV's and computer monitors - each












Please call for a quote as pricing is dependent on volume and media involved

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